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It gives me great pleasure to present Don’s Domain — your source for all things related to Blackjack Attack. We aim to make it the most informative, comprehensive, reliable blackjack site on the Internet today and provide its users with an unprecedented level of expertise and personalized attention.

With it I am proud to present The Masters of Blackjack: several of the most highly respected, well-known blackjack authorities in the world today, who will join me in answering your questions and providing thought-provoking research on a regular basis.

Each day, you’ll have access to the greatest minds in the blackjack industry, as they “hold court” in our three forums:

Main Forum
This is the main forum for any questions you may have about Blackjack Attack. It is also an “anything goes,” general page, where the range of topics is as diverse as the interests of our members. Appropriate for professionals and beginners alike.

Theory & Math
Covers in-depth theoretical and mathematical concepts. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

Software & Simulations
For all players, this forum will cover usage of simulators and practice/training software, with an emphasis on using simulators to enhance your play and improve your overall understanding of the game.

In addition, Don’s Domain offers several other attractive features:

Forum Archives
The most important and memorable posts of both our Masters and our users will be archived in two sites:  Best of the Masters and Distinguished Posts. As time goes on, each of these archives will be filled with the best that Don's Domain has had to offer.

Member Library
The Table of Contents contains information on a variety of subjects deemed industry sensitive or available only by limited means. You'll also get access to a fascinating archive of previous years' chats with historic blackjack figures.

10% Product Discount
Don's Domain members receive 10% off of any regularly priced item in RGE Publishing's comprehensive catalog of gambling products, including books, software, and videos from dozens of publishers. Simply mention your Don's Domain membership when ordering by phone, or in the comments field when ordering online, and all eligible items in your order will be discounted. Sale items and subscriptions excluded.

Together, our Masters offer a combined body of knowledge so sweeping in nature that it is safe to say that Don’s Domain will fast become the one blackjack Web site no serious player could possibly afford to ignore. What’s more, our resident experts are committed to dedicating their time and efforts almost exclusively to Don’s Domain. That’s right, with few exceptions, all of the Masters’ Internet blackjack participation will be concentrated right here at their “home.”

So, if you're looking for the best advice on any aspect of the game of blackjack — in the friendliest and most courteous environment imaginable — you've come to the right place — Don's Domain: Home of the Masters of Blackjack. Membership is yours with the purchase of Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way, 3rd ed. through RGE Publishing; it's that easy.

Don Schlesinger

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